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Is your student receiving speech therapy? Here are a few tips:

  1. Get a written list of accommodations and modifications, if there are any in the IEP.
  2. Find out what you can do to help your student. Often times, students show the most improvement if they practice their communication skills in the classroom regularly, in addition to therapy sessions.
  3. Communicate with the speech-language pathologist (SLP) about your student. Respond as soon as possible to emails related to scheduling meetings. We might be waiting to hear from you before contacting the parent. Return checklists in a timely manner. These help us with creating educationally relevant IEP goals.
  4. Bring current grades and information about discipline reports (or any other concerns) to the IEP meeting. If the student has a D of F in anything, let us know right away, instead of waiting until the meeting.
  5. Let your school SLP know right away if you have concerns about a student that is not already receiving therapy. We may suggest some things for you to try with the student, and then ask you to tell us how the student responds.
  6. We really appreciate your flexibility, especially when it comes to scheduling. Thank you for working with us!

Websites and apps that you might find helpful:

Read more here about websites and apps that can be helpful for speech therapy and practicing skills. Please consult with your school speech-language pathologist about what you can do to help your specific students.

About Tween Speech Therapy:

I provide information on this website about a wide range of communication disorders, some of which may not apply to your students. Most of the features of Tween Speech Therapy are designed for speech-language pathologists, including my newsletter and Tween Speech Therapy’s online store. I ask that you not sign up for the newsletter or purchase anything from my store unless you are a speech-language pathologist. You are more than welcome to mention this site to your school’s SLP!

Since comments on this site and on social media are publicly viewed, please be careful about what information you share.

Cheers and take care!

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