Speech Therapy Ideas for Adolescents and Tweens

I believe in carryover.

With everything I do, I focus on how communication skills can be used in daily life. I share information and make products for speech-language pathologists that are age appropriate, thoughtfully designed, and easy to use.

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Cluttering Bundle

“What a fantastic resource!!!! Cluttering is so hard to detect/treat, and this makes it so much easier! It’s great that everything is in one document!!” -Teachers Pay Teachers review

S and Z Pocket Sized Speech Homework

“I love these pocket sized homework sheets. My older students are more willing to take these and practice outside of the speech room.” -Teachers Pay Teachers review

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Speech Therapy Websites and Apps

Speech Therapy Websites and Apps

Speech therapy websites and apps allow for a sensory rich experience. Plus they're fun and engaging. Here's a list of my favorites.
School Speech Therapy Essentials for SLPs

School Speech Therapy Essentials for SLPs

Get your speech therapy materials in order for back to school! These resources add style to your room, improve your workflow, and help you serve students.
SLP Cellphone Wallpaper Donut Worry I'm an SLP

SLP Cellphone Wallpaper- Free Download

Show the world that you're proud to be an SLP with this fun cellphone wallpaper. Just open it on your phone and make it your wallpaper, that's it!
speech therapy sticky notes

Print Your Own Sticky Notes for Speech Therapy

Learn how to print your own speech therapy sticky notes. It's easy! This article includes step-by-step instructions with lots of pictures and examples.
google drive organization

An SLP’s Guide to Organizing Your Google Drive

Tired of having to constantly search for files? Organize your Google Drive today. It's easy and anyone can do it! Here's a guide to help you.
Make a Speech Therapy Data Sheet on Google Docs

Make a Speech Therapy Data Sheet on Google Docs

SLPs can follow these easy steps in five minutes to make a speech therapy data sheet using Google Docs. The data sheet can be edited and printed.
speech therapy discharge planning

Speech Therapy Discharge Planning

Discharge planning is an important part of being an SLP. Most grad schools don't teach it though. Here's a guide to discharge planning in the schools.
Speech Room Decor Poster "Save the Drama" (Free)

Speech Room Decor Poster “Save the Drama” (Free)

If you work with tweens or teens, this free poster will be a funny reminder that everyone needs to check their attitude at the door.
Cluttering Fluency Disorder

Cluttering Speech Disorder

Cluttering is a speech fluency disorder that few people in the general public know about. Here's an article for SLPs about how to diagnose and treat cluttering, with links to helpful resources and handouts.
Articulation Therapy for Older Students

Articulation Therapy for Older Students

Speech therapy for older children with articulation disorders can be challenging. Here are some tips for assessment, treatment, and carryover.
Using Short Animated Videos in Speech Therapy

Using Short Animated Videos in Speech Therapy

Do your students love YouTube? Short animated videos can be great conversation starters for speech therapy sessions. Here are some of my favorite videos, plus a few things to consider before you start using videos in speech therapy.
Speech Therapy Homework: Makeover

Speech Therapy Homework: Makeover

Here's how to put together an effective speech therapy homework program, whether you're just getting started, or your homework needs a makeover.
Speech Room Poster

Speech Room Poster

Here's a beautiful free speech room poster for you to print and display. Are people in your building not sure where your office is? Now they'll know.
Speech Therapy Guide for Teachers and Parents

Speech Therapy Guide for Teachers and Parents

SLPs, feel free to download my speech therapy info handout for teachers and parents. Guide covers common disorders with tips for teachers and parents.

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